Fire Damage Repair and Restoration Service in West Bloomfield Township, Livonia & Canton, MI

Michigan Fire Restoration Team provides a wide variety of fire damage repair and restoration services. Fire can start small but when it spreads, it can turn into a catastrophe. Fire damage can be physically and emotionally devastating. A fire, whether it is small or large leaves a traumatic effect and one of the last things you think of is repair. If such a tragedy befalls on you, then we can help. We know how sensitive the case is and our fire damage repair service strives to bring your property back to normal as soon as possible. Our company has the knowledge, tools and expertise to bring property damaged by fire back to its original glory.

Fire Repair Service

The aftermath can leave your property unrecognizable and take months to repair. Repairing fire damage can be a daunting job, and this is where Michigan Fire Restoration Team comes in. We handle all kinds of jobs from demolishing, repairing smoke damage, structural reconstruction, board up services and much more. Our professional team has expertise that will help you to restore everything to the original form. We provide emergency service starting from the demolishing and cleaning and concluding with the reconstructing and restoration of your property.

Demolishing- Fire leaves everything destroyed but it also leaves the property dangerous for you. Michigan Fire Restoration LLC ensures a safe clean up job immediately after fire damage loss. We demolish and remove unsightly and hazardous debris from the site. If the property is un-repairable we can demolish the structure and haul everything away.

Smoke Damage- Even when a fire does not destroy the structure, smokes leaves an undesirable scenario. Smoke may enter the ductwork system and affect an entire house. Even small smoke residue that leaves discoloration on the wall should be treated. Leave the job to us!

Board-up Services- We know how devastating a fire can leave a family. In these instances, you may not be in a mental state to take the precautionary measures to protect your property. Leave this problem to Michigan Fire Restoration. We can handle any hazardous situation no matter how challenging it is. Our board up service will secure your property. We will leave your house as safe and secure as possible from potential intruders and in most cases, with no out of pocket cost for the insured.

Structural Reconstruction- If the fire has caused structural damage, do not despair. We offer a structural reconstruction service and can repair the fire damage to your property.

Fire Restoration Services

Acting fast can save your property even after fire damage. Our trained Michigan Fire Restoration team will help by protecting your house and mitigating the damages. Fire destroys almost everything and can leave your home uninhabitable. However, fire damage does not always mean a total loss. We can restore your property completely and bring it back to life. This is our profession and our passion. We use the latest time tested techniques to bring the pieces together.

Fire restoration requires a specialized skill and expertise to repair and restore your house. That is why you need a professional help. The fire damage can be overwhelming, but it needs immediate attention. If you need to add new designs or want an entirely new design please let us know. Give us your ideas and we will make them a reality.

Our fire damage restoration company will to minimize your losses and rehabilitate your property in a prompt and professional manner. If you need a fire damage repair then, contact us right now! We take pride in providing you with elite-level fire repair and restoration to clients across the state of Michigan. Give us a call today at 248.796.1593.

Before Restoration

Before Restoration

After Restoration

After Restoration