Smoke Damage Restoration in West Bloomfield Township & Detroit, MI

Smoke damage restoration can be an intricate and complex process. Michigan Fire Restoration will evaluate the smoke damage and restore your home better then it was.. People have trusted our service for years, and we are proud our service has helped them to begin their life anew. We have a quality service that leaves no hints of the disaster.

Smoke disperses quickly after a fire and when the particles cool down because of incomplete combustion, it often leaves a film and pungent odor that penetrate throughout the interior and exterior structure. The film will cause discoloration, decomposition, and overall damage the house.

Determining the types of smokes

Wet Smoke- The wet smoke is hard to clean up. It has a sticky, smeary texture and leaves a pungent odor. It results from low heat fire.

Dry Smoke- Fast burning and high temperature fire emit dry smokes.

Fuel Oil Soot- The fuel oil soot results from furnace puff backs

Protein- This type of smoke leaves an extreme pungent odor. It is easily visible with discolor paints and varnished structures.

Other Types- There are other types of smoke that results from fingerprint powder, tear gas and fire extinguisher residue.

Our smoke damage restoration process depends largely on the type of smokes. The services we provide are:

  • Demolition
  • Board-Up Service
  • Remove smoke odor
  • Clean soot from the affected area
  • Light Structural Repairs
  • Deodorization
  • Restore your property back to its original condition
  • Remove debris

Our expertise really makes the difference. We have the specialized knowledge, training and experience to remove odor and soot contaminants completely. Contact us now and leave the problem to us. We assure you, our smoke damage restoration will completely restore your property better than before the loss.